Sebring Building Company was born out of a passion for timeless architecture and value in luxury home building.


Sebring Building Company combines old world skills and cutting edge design concepts. With a deep-rooted history in Michigan, this company is built to deliver luxury homes in Michigan.


Sebring Eco-Smart

Discover how Sebring Eco-Smart technology saves energy and money while making your Michigan custom home more comfortable.


Sebring Building Company caters to clients looking to achieve their dream of building a hand-crafted home, tailored to their lifestyle on your lot or ours. Sebring prides itself on the unique opportunity it offers, providing an all-inclusive homebuilding experience from the conception and design of the home, to the final finishes. Sebring will utilize there extensive experience in luxury home design, customizing to your needs while also providing pricing and streamlining the design and build process. Through this process, our team is able to deliver the home you are looking for on time and on budget.

Sebring is a luxury home builder with new home locations in Southeast Michigan. In Oakland County, we offer prestigious new home locations in Oakland Township, Rochester Hills and Troy. In Macomb County, we offer prestigious new home locations in Washington Township and Bruce Township. We know a home is not just a house, it is the American dream. Together we can bring your dream to reality, on your lot or ours.

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